How did work change over the course of 2021 , and how will it continue to change in 2022? For starters, we know that what’s been dubbed the Great Reshuffle isn’t ending anytime soon: in a Microsoft survey earlier this year, 41 percent of respondents across the globe said that they may leave their employer at some point during the year. And, in fact, resignations reached record highs in September of 2021, when 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs. What can leaders do to prepare?

In the final episode of the season, WorkLab host Elise Hu is joined by correspondents Mary Melton and Desmond Dickerson for a discussion on the most impactful trends of the past year. In the wide-ranging conversation, they discuss topics like the importance of flexibility, the rise of the creator economy, and something called “the leaf blower problem.”

Elise and Mary and Desmond present highlights from their interviews with the experts and executives who joined us during our first season—people like LinkedIn Editor in Chief Dan Roth, NeuroLeadership Institute Co-founder and CEO Dr. David Rock, author Anne Helen Petersen, and Dr. Clare Purvis, senior director of behavioral science at Headspace.

WorkLab is a place for experts to share their insights and opinions. As students of the future of work, Microsoft values inputs from a diverse set of voices. That said, the opinions and findings of the experts we interview are their own and do not reflect Microsoft’s own research or positions.

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Here’s a transcript of the Episode 8 conversation.

41%: Experts Discuss the Top Workplace Trends of 2021

ELISE HU: This is WorkLab . I’m your host, Elise Hu. On WorkLab we hear from leaders and scientists about the surprising data and trends that are transforming the way we work. This season, we have interviewed Microsoft executives and researchers. We’ve talked with behavioral economists and experts on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’ve heard from social scientists and meditation guides.

Each of them has given us a different perspective on the ways in which hybrid work has radically changed our lives, and insights and tips for managers and employees to navigate these uncharted waters.