As organizations explore new ways to work, people have to invent new ways to lead. And it’s complicated. 

Many people have grown accustomed to flexibility and autonomy in how, when, and where they work—but many business leaders are trying to get people back to the office. And employees keep job hopping, so managers need to make it worth their while to stay. At the same time, leaders are trying to make sense of confusing and conflicting signals about the state of the economy.  

In Season 3 of the WorkLab podcast from Microsoft, we’re exploring the tensions and opportunities of this moment.  

WorkLab podcast host Elise Hu is joined this season by a new co-host, award-winning radio and television journalist and podcaster Tonya Mosley. They’ll have big conversations with leading thinkers on the future of work—from economists to gaming executives—about the skills leaders need now and how energized, empowered employees can give organizations a competitive edge.  

Season 3 of the WorkLab podcast debuts on Sept. 22. You can follow the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.