You may have heard that next-generation AI is set to transform the way we work. And you may have questions: What is this new AI actually capable of? How can it change the way people work? How should you prepare for it? How can it make work better for you and your employees?

This quiz will help you figure that out.

Our 2023 Work Trend Index surveyed more than 31,000 business leaders, managers, and employees from around the globe, and analyzed trillions of anonymized Microsoft 365 productivity signals for a deep dive into the issues so many of us struggle with at work—and the potential for AI to help us regain time and energy, empower employees, and unleash creativity. Now it’s your turn to explore how your work experiences compare to those of people around the world—and how AI can help.

As you go through the quiz, we’ll show you how your responses stack up to the official survey results, and suggest some tips and tools you can use right now to address workaday challenges. (And while it may be tempting, don’t ask Bing Chat for the answers—this one you have to do yourself.)

We see an illustration of a pie chart divided into two unequal portions. One portion has a lightbulb representing creatitivity on top of it and the other part has a chat window representing communication on top of it.
An illustration of a series of differently colored squares, each slightly larger than the last. A man dangles from one of the squares, holding on to its edge with his hands. 
Illustration of a flower in a pot being watered by a watering can. The vessel of the watering can is actually a computer chip. 
An illustration of an array of work-related icons—chat windows, speech ballons, emails. In the center are a pair of spectacles, and through the lenses of the spectacles we see a clarified image of simple shapes.
Illustration of a hand grasping a computer chip 
Illustration of identical speech balloons, playing up the idea of thinking in unison, being on the same page
Illustration of speech balloons that are mostly identical, but with some variation
Illustration of many diffferent speech ballons, suggesting wide variation of responses

Question 1

Would you say you spend more work time on communication tasks (meetings, chats, writing emails) or creation (making things in spreadsheets, documents, and slide decks)?