A lot of people can’t see themselves going back to how they used to work before,” says Dentsu Creative Global Head of Technology James Thomas. “People see the efficiencies, and they see the quality of their output and creative collaboration improving.”

Dentsu Creative, one of the world’s largest global creative agencies, has been a part of the Microsoft Copilot Early Access Program. In this episode, Thomas shares how integrating Copilot into his teams and workflows is going, how employees are using it, and what business leaders should keep in mind as they get their hands on it too.

Thomas is the latest guest on Microsoft’s WorkLab podcast, where host Molly Wood has conversations with economists, technologists, and researchers who explore the data and insights about the work trends you need to know today—from how to use AI effectively to what it takes to thrive in our new world of work.

Three big takeaways from the conversation:

  1. It’s natural for creatives to be apprehensive about new technology and ask questions like, What does this mean for the future of my job? However, Thomas’ teams have come to see generative AI like Copilot as a valuable tool in their toolkit that allows them to iterate on their ideas better and faster than ever before. “Now we’ve got a waiting list of thousands,” he says. “We can’t get these tools in people’s hands fast enough.”

  2. Thomas says one misconception is that generative AI is going to take creative people’s jobs. In fact, it’s elevating those jobs. “People are finding ways to augment their workflows to be more productive, creative, and make better or faster content. But you’re always going to need humans,” he says. “You’re always going to need the human touch over this type of work.”

  3. To business leaders who haven’t adopted Copilot yet but plan to in the future, Thomas says it can be helpful to show your team the specific use cases that can benefit them. “A creative team might not be so interested in its capabilities in an Excel spreadsheet, but they’ll be interested in use cases specific to their world,” he says. “Tailoring Copilot to your audience will help drive adoption.”

WorkLab is a place for experts to share their insights and opinions. As students of the future of work, Microsoft values inputs from a diverse set of voices. That said, the opinions and findings of the experts we interview are their own and do not reflect Microsoft’s own research or opinions.

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Here’s a transcript of the episode 5 conversation.

MOLLY WOOD: This is WorkLab, the podcast from Microsoft. I’m your host, Molly Wood. On WorkLab, we hear from experts about the future of work. From how to use generative AI effectively to what it takes to thrive in our new world of work. 

JAMES THOMAS: You know, the idea of being able to use AI and technology to kind of help generate content, generate copy, generate images—it means that it frees up the time that creatives need to be creative. You know, creativity is not a fast process, usually. You need time, you need space to think through these ideas. You know, that’s what everyone wants. Everyone wants the best possible idea.