When it comes to using generative AI, everyone will develop their own unique approach. Yes, it’s an all-purpose tool you can use to vanquish tough tasks. But you might get most excited about Microsoft Copilot’s ability to function as a meeting assistant so everyone can stay focused during a Microsoft Teams check-in. Meanwhile, one of your colleagues on the leadership team is most grateful to have some help analyzing and sorting data in quarterly earnings spreadsheets. Your customer service team might be champing at the bit for new Copilot capabilities that help them access key customer information in the field. And your star employee is getting into the habit of asking Copilot to draft an email in their voice. They can ask for something formal or casual. Long or short. They can get quirky and ask it to turn a white paper into a poem.

Developing a generative AI habit will be different for everyone, depending on what they need from an endlessly patient assistant that’s always on call. And it will be different for different personality types. The way that you and your colleagues, teammates, and direct reports leverage its near limitless potential reflects a range of work styles, showcasing how people approach problems and how they strive to excel. We developed this quiz to give you some preliminary insights into your unique “AI personality.”

Answer these questions honestly to get your result. It’ll offer insights that you can take on board and maybe even share with your team. Plus, it’s just fun!

Question 1/12

You need to finish up that strategy doc so you can get caught up on performance reviews, but instead you’re just staring at a blinking cursor. In Microsoft Word, you can request Copilot’s help to get the creative ball rolling. What would you ask to help get unstuck?